First Lab

Laboratory work in any course is a particularly vital hands-on approach that demonstrates concepts and teaches students the practical aspects that lead to resultant theory that is taught in class or found in other information resources. In BIOL 1362, as with labs for other similar courses, techniques are elucidated and practical sessions conducted relevant to the course material being taught at that time.

The first lab session where students had to conduct experiments for themselves albeit with any of a number of pleasant and helpful demonstrators, dealt with tests for carbohydrates,proteins and lipids. The identification of particular carbohydrates,proteins and  lipids can be performed via a variety of tests, for example, Molisch’s test,Seliwanoff’s test,Bial’s test, Emulsion test, Ninhydrin reaction just to name a few. Results were tabulated and inferences made before submittal on a data sheet to the demonstrator. Lab work is very enjoyable to me as it reinforces a lot of the theory that is elaborated on in various media.

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