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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Genetic Disease)

A recessive X-linked form of muscular dystrophy affecting boys caused by a mutation in the dystrophin gene which codes for a vital muscular protein(dystrophin) that provides structural integrity to the dystroglycan complex of the cell membrane. Muscle degenration occurs and … Continue reading

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These are a class of lipids containing the organic aliphatic amino alcohol, sphingosine. Sphingomyelins are phosphorus-containing sphingolipids that are found mostly in nervous tissue. More information can be found at the link referenced below. Reference: Sphingolipid. Accessed April 13th 2013. … Continue reading

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Structure of Lipids

Lipids are fat soluble molecules; a property conveyed by its structure. The most commonly occurring lipids are triglycerides which consist of a glycerol backbone bonded to three fatty acids.

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Comparison between mRNA and tRNA

Reference: Transcription and Translation. Accessed April 13th 2013. http:/

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Components of Nucleic Acids

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Differentiation between Nucleotide and Nucleoside Discerning between nucleosides and nucleotides may be quite tricky. Hydrolysis of the phosphate group of a nucleotide yields the nucleoside.Nucleotides are the building blocks of amino acids: the link gives a brief overview accompanied by … Continue reading

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Video Review #2 Transcription and Translation

The central dogma of biology is elaborated in this video. Basically it gives an overview of the way DNA is transcribed in the nucleus into mRNA, which then moves out the nuclear pore, attach to ribsomes and cause amino acid … Continue reading

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